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This Amazonian treat grows fast and big! Find out more about Amazonian's name, origin and growth habit in this article.

The name is in the business

The Amazonian strain is sometimes also called PES Amazonian, which is short for Pacific Exotica Spora Amazonian. Pacific Exotica Spora was a company that originally cultivated and sold this strain. The labs and headquarters of PES were located in Hawaii. Amazonian was very likely discovered in the Amazon jungle, which would explain the name, despite being distributed from Hawaii. 

Enlightened ceremonies

Amazonian Mushrooms can be found abundantly in Central and South America. While there is no written evidence, likely, this strain was also used by indigenous tribes and ancient civilizations to perform shamanistic rituals. This is the case for many other Mushrooms strains from South America, like Mazatapec and Mexicana. 

Tall and fast 

PES Amazonian is a very prolific fruiter. It is famous for its fruiting speed and also for its large flushes. The stems can grow up to 15 cm in length, although there have been some reports of 30 cm. 

The caps are also quite big and tend to be flat with dark red/brown discolourings in the middle.

Keep it at 23 °C to 30 °C and you can expect a beautiful harvest. 

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