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Ban Hua Thai

From Thailand with love! Ban Hua Thai is an ambitious grower that will bring joy to your home! Find out more about Ban Hua Thai's name, origin and growth habit in this article.

Picturesque home

The original name of this strain is Ban Hua Thanon, named after the idyllic fishing village it was found in. The reasoning behind renaming this strain is not fully known. 

It was brought to the west in 1991 by famous ethnomycologist John W. Allen, after one of his many trips to the area. 

Contemporary business

This strain is very popular in Thailand and is now a deep-rooted part of the Thai drug market, even though the use of hallucinogenic drugs is strictly prohibited there.  

Interestingly enough, visitors will often see restaurants blatantly offering hallucinogenic Mushrooms on their menus. The interest of tourists in Mushrooms has provided many Thai citizens with a new income source. Ban Hua Thai is no exception. 

Third generation

The original strain of Ban Hua Thai produced very unpredictable results and generated rather wild harvests. This strain is a third-generation and has very stable flushes. 

The cultivation is rather easy and quick, the colonization time taking less than two weeks. This strain likes it warm, so keep it at around 28 °C - 30 ° C and it will fruit beautifully.

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