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Growing around the Angor Wat Temple in Cambodia, this strain is a robust people pleaser. Find out more about the name, origin and growth habit of the Cambodian strain in this article. 

Social Butterfly

More often than not, Mushroom strains are found in remote and secluded areas far from civilization. This is not the case with this strain. Cambodian grows around the Angor Wat Temple in the beautiful country of Cambodia. It thrives where people live and was first discovered by famous ethnomycologist John W. Allen

Love is in the air

The Cambodia strain is said to have Aphrodisiac effects. Aphrodisiacs are foods that supposedly highten sexual desire and/or performance. The most famous and somewhat peculiar Aphrodisiacs among others are Cobra Blood, Dog Meat and Leave Cutter Ants. 

If you don't feel like hurting animals and insects to get it on, the Cambodian strain has got your back! 

Pretty fast and pretty flexible

This strain is super easy to grow. Cambodian is very robust and quickly grows white, thick stems and brown, frayed caps. It is hard to find another strain that colonizes and fruits as fast as Cambodian. 

Although Cambodian grows on many different kinds of soils, it does like it very warm. Keep it at around 27 °C to 30 °C degrees and the growth won’t give you any headaches!

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