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Golden Teacher

With its golden caps and caramel-coloured stems, this strain is an absolute beauty! Find out more about Golden Teacher's name, origin and growth habit in this article.

Mysterious origin

Not much is known about the origin of Golden Teacher. Some say that it was first discovered in a dung pile on a farm in the US state of Georgia. Some believe it was first discovered growing wild in Florida. Neither origin story was ever confirmed, which adds to the mystery surrounding this strain. What we do know, is that it started circulating among growers somewhere in the mid-1980s. That makes it a rather young find. 

Unbeatable elegance

There is definitely a reason for the christening of this strain. Golden Teacher has big, beautiful golden caps with yellow speckles on it and caramel-colored stems. If you are looking to put a treat for the eyes in your living room, Golden Teacher is the way to go.

Size matters

While growing Golden Teacher is super easy, its fruits don’t grow in big quantities. But this is not an issue. What this strain lacks in numbers it makes up in size. The fruits of Golden Teacher are rather big compared to other strains, so its dried weighed is pretty heavy. 

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