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John W. Allen

Meet John W. Allen, a renowned amateur ethnomycologist. He has discovered and brought back multiple different Cubensis strains from all over the world! Find out more in this article.


John W. Allen is primarily known as an ethnomycologist, but what does that profession entail?

Ethnomycology is generally considered to be the study of Mushrooms in the context of historical use, impact on civilization and social interaction. It can be considered a subfield of ethnobotany and is heavily impacted by anthropology and philology. 

Other famous ethnomycologists include Terence Kemp McKenna and Ralph Metzner. McKenna famously theorized that Homo Sapiens evolved from Homo Erectus because of Psilocybin in the diet


John W. Allen is the author of 14 books, including the oldest guide on entheogenic Mushroom identification named Divine Mushrooms and Fungi

He is also the editor and author of the series Ethnomycological Journals Sacred Mushroom Studies.

In 2013 the Mushroom Psilocybe Allenii Borovicka was named after John W. Allen. 


Besides writing about and studying Mushrooms, Allen travelled the world in search of new Mushroom strains. He discovered and brought back many known strains, including Ban Hua Thai and Cambodia.

He is continuing research from California, US.


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