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McKennaii: The tribute to Terence Kemp McKenna! Find out more about McKennaii's peculiar name, origin and growth habit in this article.

Terence McKenna and the Mystery

The McKennaii strain is named after the famed author and self-proclaimed Mushroom lover, Terence Kemp McKenna. But McKenna did not actually develop this strain. At least there is no written evidence to support this theory. It seems more likely that some eager mycologists gave this strain its name in honour of the Master Psychonaut. 

Unfortunately, that means that McKennaiis origin is a mystery. In that sense, it shares its fate with most known Mushroom strains. 

Like a delicate flower

McKennaii is generally not the easiest strain to grow. You have to handle this strain with care for it to produce its strong stems and small, brown caps. This strain likes comfy temperatures between 18 °C and 27 °C. Give it some love and it will gift you with strong fruits within 15-20 days. 

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