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Mexicana is the sibling of the famous Mazatapec strain. Find out more about Mexicana's name, origin and growth habit in this article.

Mazatec and Aztec

Mexicana is a 3rd generation strain derived from the famous Mexican strain. Another strain that was derived from Mexican is the Mazatapec strain. Both are used by the indigenous Mazatec people, who use Psilocybine to perform healing ceremonies. 

The Mazatec are a tribe from the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, the region that introduced Magic Mushrooms to the world!

Interesting fruit

The Mexicana strain grows large fruits that have beautiful yellow caps. The diameter of the caps can vary between 0,5 cm and 3 cm. The stalks are white and fleshy. They grow somewhere between 8 cm and 19 cm in length. So there can be quite a variation. 

Fast and famous

Mexicana grows faster than some other known strains. Keep it at around 18 °C to 27 °C degrees and you will yield a beautiful harvest!

It’s very easy to grow and one of the most famous Mushrooms in the world.

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