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The strongest Magic Mushroom Species

The strongest Magic Mushroom Species: Psilocybe Azurescens

With over 190 species of psilocybin mushrooms roaming around the world, many of you have probably wondered which one is the strongest of them all. The magic mushroom that takes the throne for strongest species is without a doubt the Psilocybe Azurescens. This species was originally discovered by boy scouts in the USA, and it wasn’t until Paul Stamets identified them in 1996 that they became listed as an official species. 


These powerful mushrooms are native to the West coast of the USA, from California to Washington state, however they can also grow naturally in other countries under the right conditions. They grow gregariously, meaning that they grow individually and sporadically, or they can grow in tight and small clusters.

The optimal environment for this species is in grassy coastal dune areas, where there is a large presence of sandy soils, as well as deciduous (decaying) wood-chip containing high lignin content. The ideal temperature for the cultivation of these mushrooms is 16-24°C, however they can withstand much lower temperatures. The cultivation period for this species in its native habitat can take up to 6 months with the first fruiting bodies emerging between September and early January. However, if you wish to grow these in other areas of the world, you must take into account that this cultivation period will differ.

Disclaimer: This cultivation period is based on its native habitat, so if you wish to grow these in Europe, you must take into account that this cultivation period can differ.


The Psilocybe Azurescens is characterised by its UFO-shaped mushroom cap which varies in size from 3 - 10 cm, and has a stem ranging between 9-20cm in length. The mushroom is usually light brown, ochre or dark brown in colour, and forms dark blue/black spots as it ages. This species is able to withstand very cold temperature ranges in comparison to other species, -4 to 20°C, making it more suitable to grow in colder climates (under the right conditions). The mushroom is more suitable for outdoor cultivation as it is difficult to get the right climate indoors. Last, but not least, the mushroom is known for having an incredibly bitter taste, as well as very high levels of psychoactive components. 



An overview of Psilocybe Azurescens:

UFO-shaped mushroom cap, which has a range in diameter of 3 - 10cm. 

The mushroom's colour ranges from light brown to dark brown, with blue marks forming as they age. (INSERT PHOTO)

A stem, also known as the stipe, ranging from 9-20 cm in length

Ability to withstand cold temperature ranges from -4 – 20°C

Outdoor cultivation

Bitter taste

High levels of psychoactive components 


As this is the strongest species in the world, one can expect it to pack a serious punch. According to Stamets and Gartz, the species can contain up to 1.78% psilocybin, 0.38% psilocin and 0.35% baeocystin. To put this into relative terms, it is about four times the strength of the Psilocybin Cubensis species that consumers are used to consuming. 

The effects of the mushroom can vary per person, but as little as one gram of dried shrooms can certainly cause heavy hallucinogenic visuals and dimensional travelling. The only potential, but very rare, side effect of consuming any dose of this mushroom species is that it can cause what is known as Wood Lovers Paralysis. This can result in a temporary loss of muscle strength for a short period of time, subsequently leading to some anxious effects.

The dosage of this species differs per person, but as a rule of thumb these are the estimated dosing levels for this species (

Level 1 (Mild) 0.4g

Level 2 (Light Colours and Visuals) 0.6g

Level 3 (Obvious Visuals) 1.1g

Level 4 (Strong Hallucinations) 1.7g

Level 5 (Loss of reality) 2.4g


The legality of this species varies per country, therefore if you wish to cultivate them it is important to know the legal status for your location.