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Treasure Coast

A treasure from the Treasure Coast! Find out more about Treasure Coast's name, origin and growth habit in this article.

An Adventurous Origin

Sunny beaches, adventures and legends: This strain is named after the Treasure Coast in Florida, a beautiful and mysterious region on the East coast of the U.S.

The name of the location was coined in the 20th century, shortly after salvagers started to discover Spanish treasure and century-old shipwrecks there. 

The Mushroom was allegedly found in that region, growing in bovine and equine dung. But like with most origin stories, this one should be enjoyed with a pinch of salt. 

An Adventurous Fruiter

Treasure Coast is a very prolific fruiter and can occasionally spin-off albino, or near albino. Once grown, it will show its thick, white stems and beige caps. These caps can potentially grow with white discolourations. While this strain is an already potent Mushroom, its potential white parts are the most potent. 

Slow but worth it

Treasure Coast is very easy to cultivate but needs a patient grower. It can take up to 18 days to colonize but it holds very high yielding most of the time.

Like a typical Floridian, this strain needs toasty temperatures to fruit. Keep it at around 23 °C - 30 °C and it will not disappoint!

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