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Refund policy

Customer satisfaction is our top priority! Our dedicated team are always prepared to assist you with any product related queries.

It is the responsibility of the customer:

  • to ensure that our products are legal in your country.
  • to make sure you receive the products in person in the first delivery
  • to be able to keep the products in the best conditions for maintenance.
  • to follow the instructions to maintain the Grow Kit, or other Mondo products.

We make sure that our products are fresh and in the best possible condition when sent out, but in case you experience contamination or a no-grow before the first flush, we will ensure that you will receive a replacement.

To claim for any damage or contamination of Mondo products, please contact us within 36 hours after receiving your items. For any other issues you can always contact us so we can make sure a satisfactory solution can be found within 3 business days!

Please note that we cannot provide a replacement for Mondo products bought at a different vendor. We do not accept returns or refunds. We prefer to send you another Grow Kit. To do so, please get in contact with us - info@mondogrowkits.com

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