Legal notice

Legal status in the Netherlands

Mondo Grow Kits is an Amsterdam based company in the Netherlands and has to act according to the Dutch Law. The law in the Netherlands concerning Mushrooms and Mushroom Grow Kits is very clear so let’s summarise

In short:

  • Fresh, cultivated magic mushrooms are illegal
  • Mushroom Grow-kits are legal

 Since 2008 fresh mushrooms are illegal in the Netherlands. However, Mushroom Grow-kits have remained legal. 


Product Legality Mondo Grow Kits

Mondo Grow Kits is a legally registered enterprise with a tax number and an office, just like any other serious business. If you order from our web shop, the sale officially takes place in the Netherlands, because that’s the country where our company is registered. 

Grow-kits are 100% legal for us to sell. Our Grow-kits do not contain psilocybin. They are not mushrooms – they’re spores and mycelium. 


The legal status of Mushrooms and Mushroom Grow-kits outside of the Netherlands

Mondo Grow Kits sells natural products are 100% Legal in the Netherlands. The legal status in your country may vary, it is therefore your responsibility to be informed about the legal status of products ordered online. Mondo Grow Kits does not provide legal advice, nor take responsibility for any seizure at borders.

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