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Grow Kit

What exactly is a Mushroom Grow Kit?

  • A Mushroom Grow Kit (MGK) is a tool box with which you can step into the experience of in-house mushroom cultivation easily. Our MGK includes everything you need to start growing your own mushrooms. Without any prior knowledge, and in just four simple steps you can achieve excellent harvests in a few weeks without complications or risks. 
    Pick your favorite strain and start your Grow Kit experience.

What are Mycelium Grow Kits?

  • Mycelium Grow Kits contain the ideal breeding and seeding ground for psychedelic mushrooms. Mycelium is the ideal soil to grow psychedelic mushrooms effectively at home.

How to use the Grow Kit? 

  •  Grow Kit Instructions , here you can find more information on how to grow the mushrooms at home using our kit.

How long does the growing process take?

  • Depending on the strain, and other environmental factors, it can take 1-2 weeks before you can see the first mushroom heads. Please follow the instructions carefully to get the best outcome.

How many times can the Grow Kit be used? 

  • You can repeat the growing process up to 3-4 times, this is referred to as a flush. You can get up to 3 flushes (mushroom growths) out of one kit. 

Is a Grow Kit suitable for beginners?

  • Yes, it is. We ship a step by step instruction with our Grow Kits, and the process is as easy as planting and growing a flower.

What to do if the Grow Kit does not work?


I would like to visit your shop in Amsterdam. Where can I find MONDO?

  • We do not have a shop you can visit. We are an Online Shop only. All our products can be ordered online and will be shipped by DHL, UPS or PostNL. 


Where do we ship the Grow Kits to?

  • We currently only ship within the Netherlands.

How much is the shipping cost ?

  • Shipping costs are calculated in the order process. Want to know your shipping cost? Add the products to your cart and go to the checkout page to see your shipping costs.

Is the package shipped discreet?

  • Yes, there is no reference to our company name or to the products you ordered on the outside of the package. No invoice is included in the packages well. We want to give you the most discrete experience possible.

What to do if received a different Grow Kit then ordered?

What to do if the parcel/Grow Kit was damaged on arrival? What to do if the Grow Kit does not work?


Do you sell psychedelic mushrooms?

  • No. Since December 2008 it has been illegal in the Netherlands to sell psychedelic mushrooms. Magic Mushrooms Shop abides by Dutch and International law. We do not sell products that are banned in this country. Please only order products that are legal in your country.

Are your products legal in my country?

  • We do not know which products are legal in other countries than the Netherlands. Make sure you find out before you place an order on our website. Orders that have been confiscated by customs will not be refunded. Only order products that are legal in your country.

How old do I have to be to order?

  • You have to be 18 years or older to order in our webshop

Other Questions

If you have other questions, please contact us via We will try to answer you as soon and as humanly possible.