Amsterdam Produced

Mission and Vision Statement

Mondo Grow Kit serves you with high quality Grow Kits. 

For our Grow Kits we use our natural home soil. We avoid any chemicals to grant rich nutrients, good taste as well as to preserve the originality of our strains.

Thanks to the knowledge and the professionalism of our production staff we provide you with the perfect in-house growing experience. We focus on constant improvement and innovation to keep our quality high.

To make growing accessible for everyone we designed easy instructions perfect for beginners or advanced cultivators. 

Our Mission is to take you on an unforgettable growing experience by making you a responsible grower and by realizing the magic of psychedelic mushrooms. 

To prevent  you with the latest research, we will create a blog where we will inform you about data according to psychedelic mushrooms. That way we are able to educate people.

Together we can create change! Join us on the journey where people reconnect with nature and their environment.

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