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USA Shipment


We have noticed that there are a lot of scam website and webshop in the USA with our products. We get a lot of emails of USA consumers which buy our products from a webshop, never to receive them. These USA website are scams!

Below a few of these website:



Don't buy from these webshops. We are very sorry to hear that our beautiful products are being used by frauds.

Please noted: we don't have any resellers in the USA. You can only buy mondo products from dutch resellers or from our own webshop

Shipment to USA

We have seen a very nice shift in state law (and hopefully soon federal law) in the USA and legislation is being pushed for all entheogenic plants. Santa cruz is at the moment one of the fastest one legalising personal use and possession.

For our customers in the USA we have set up a new distribution line. This allows us to send our products to the USA. To keep the shipping cost low we need to collect order in bulk before we ship them to the costumers.

Every Saturday till Thursday we collect order all the USA orders. Every Friday we ship the order to the USA and from there on our distributor will ship all the order to the individual costumer. 

We will use the fastest shipping methods of our carriers. Deliver time will take around 1 week after shipping on Friday.

Delivery to which states

At the moment we only ship to:

- California
- Colorado
- Washington State
- Washington
- Georgia
- Maine
- New Jersey
- Oregon
- Michigan
- Virginia
- West Virginia

We hope to add more states quickly! We are looking for good partners in the USA. Preferable dispensaries and shops which can help us promote and sell our products. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at