Amsterdam Produced

What is a Grow Kit?

A Mushroom Grow Kit (MGK) is a tool box with which you can step into the experience of in-house mushroom cultivation easily. Our MGK includes everything you need to start growing your own mushrooms. Without any prior knowledge, and in just four simple steps you can achieve excellent harvests in a few weeks without complications or risks. 

We use original strains only to deliver you the best quality MGK.

Our MGK includes a mycelium block and we keep them in our fridge in order to keep the growth of the mushroom latent/dormant. In mycology, mushrooms sprout from mycelium, a white and mossy substance that works as a root system. Our MGK has already spores and they have been inoculated meticulously respecting the most rigid quality control test.

Pick your favorite strain and start your Grow Kit experience.