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First trip facilitators officially inaugurated in Oregon

First trip facilitators officially inaugurated in Oregon

Its official, the first three trip facilitators have officially received their licences in Oregon to facilitate legal psilocybin sessions and therapy. Check out our previous article about the first graduates of Oregon’s Psilocybin therapy training programme here if you wish to get more background information about this topic

How it all started.


On April 18, Oregon regulators revealed that they have granted approval for the nation's inaugural state-licensed psilocybin facilitators to administer the psychedelic substance to adults in regulated establishments. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) greenlit three facilitators—David Naftalin, Alexander Polvi, and Jeanette Small—to offer psilocybin health services under a law that voters passed in 2020.

In March 2023, the Oregon Health Authority approved the initial psilocybin manufacturing license and has subsequently provided an extra license for distributing the psychedelic substance to service centers. As part of a landmark initiative endorsed by voters, regulatory authorities were directed to initiate the licensing process for psilocybin production, examination, and administration by January 2, 2023. 

Have their been any challenges?

The OHA has granted 60 psilocybin worker permits to date, with a total of 302 worker permit and license applications received by the state by mid-April. However, the execution of the psilocybin initiative in Oregon has faced several challenges - as expected with any bureaucratic process. 

One of these challenges is that local access is a significant concern as over 100 cities throughout the state have implemented two-year moratoriums or bans, preventing the establishment of service centers within their jurisdictions. 

Moreover, some organizations, such as the Netherlands-based Synthesis Institute, which made substantial investments in creating a training program for facilitators responsible for administering psilocybin at upcoming centers, recently disclosed that they have depleted their financial resources.

On top of that, the rulemaking process has also been faught with controversy. Certain proponents have voiced their concerns on how regulators seemingly prioritize profit-oriented corporations to manage the psilocybin services program, instead of concentrating on community-centered organizations and native groups.

In the meantime, the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board has been actively encouraging research into the therapeutic potential of the psychedelic substance. The board released an initial report in 2021 that examined the science behind it and also endorsed a research team the same year to provide a more in-depth exploration of the science, history, and culture of psilocybin.



Which state is next to approve and facilitate psilocybin therapy?

A couple of years following Oregon's decision to legalize psilocybin services, Colorado voters approved a ballot measure to authorize a broad spectrum of psychedelics, as well as to establish regulated access to psilocybin.

Recently, Colorado's senators granted preliminary approval for a 15-member Natural Medicine Advisory Board, which will aid regulatory authorities in executing this law. These advancements occur alongside a wave of legislative initiatives aiming to modify state regulations pertaining to psychedelic substances.

An example of said legislative initiatives would be Washington State's new bill promoting psilocybin research and establishing a pilot program for therapeutic access to the psychedelic as a mental health treatment. Another example of modification of state regulations would be that of the Nevada Senate committee's recent endorsement to modify a bill that would form a working group to study psychedelics and devise a strategy for enabling regulated access for therapeutic uses.

Furthermore, states such as Hawaii, Minnesota & Massachusetts have seen a rise in interest and bills passed that are here to reform the psilocybin movement in the United States.



Oregon has made history by licensing its first three psilocybin trip facilitators, paving the way for regulated psilocybin therapy in the United States. Despite facing challenges like local access restrictions and funding setbacks, the state continues to promote research on psilocybin's potential therapeutic benefits. This progress signals a change in societal attitudes towards psychedelic substances as viable treatment options for mental health issues.

This momentum has extended to other states, including Colorado, Washington, Nevada, Hawaii, Minnesota, and Massachusetts, which are all taking legislative measures to advance the psilocybin movement. These developments indicate a growing interest in and acceptance of psilocybin therapy, highlighting the broader shift in perspectives on the use of psychedelic substances in mental health treatments.

The future is looking bright for psychonauts!




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