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Mondo Grow Kits in 4 Easy Steps

In just two minutes you will learn how to prepare and harvest your very own mushrooms. For the impatient we have developed a simple diagram, though we recommend reading the full guide for the best possible grow experience.


This is all it takes, for more details or some useful tips, read below.

To grow mushrooms at home all you need is a grow kit. At Mondo we have made this process so simple, quick, and easy, that anybody can do it. In the following guide we will show you how to get started on your first harvest.

Step One - Soak the Grow Kit

When growing your own mushrooms it is important that you keep it sterile. Be sure to disinfect the surface you work on and to wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Cleaning properly will ensure that your grow does not get contaminated.

Once you have a clean space to work on, you can take out the grow kit. This contains the spores that will mature into fully grown mushrooms within a few weeks. It also contains all the nutrients they need to survive. We will only be adding water. 

Open one corner of the lid to the grow box and gently pour in cold tap water. Do this until the entire container is filled to the top. Carefully place the lid back on.

Let this soak in a cold place, such as a refrigerator, for 9 to 12 hours. A pantry or a garage typically works fine, just be sure to keep it clean. Over the next few hours the spores in the substrate will come to life again.

Step Two - Prepare the Bag

Once you have waited for the water to soak in long enough, it is time to prepare the bag in which the mushrooms will grow these next few weeks.

Open up a corner of the lid again and drain out the water. The water can be disposed of down the sink or in a bag in the normal trash. Just be sure not to throw out any of the spores or their food! The same kit can grow many batches of mushrooms, so be sure to clean and keep the lid somewhere you remember.

Next, take the provided filter bag and pour in 150 ml of tap water. Carefully place the grow kit inside the bag, without a lid covering it. Spray some water on the inner sides of the bag to guarantee a completely moist environment. Fold the top of the bags to close it and use the clip to make sure it is securely closed. 

You should keep the mushrooms out of direct sunlight. Just a bit of indirect daylight is enough for them. The ideal growing temperature is between 23 and 27 degrees Celsius. 

Now, just wait for the mushrooms to start appearing. This might take two to four weeks.

Step Three - Let it Breathe

Once the first small mushrooms appear, it is important to let enough air in. This will help your mushrooms grow even bigger. One to three times a day open up the filter bag to let some fresh air in. This will also take the carbon dioxide out.

In just one or two more weeks you will be ready to harvest.

Step Four - Time to Harvest

By now your mushrooms should be fully grown, but how do we know that they are ready?

Once the cap, or head, of the mushroom starts coming loose from the stem, it's time. When the caps are almost fully open, they are ready for harvest. With a slight twist, the mushrooms can be easily plucked from the grow kit. Do not cut the mushrooms or use a tool to harvest them. 

Now that you have harvested your mushrooms, you can start the process all over again. Clean up, go back to step one, and feed your next generation of mushrooms.

Growkit Process Diagram

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