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Psilocybin therapy training programme has its first graduates.

Several recent studies suggest that psilocybin has promising results for individuals suffering from mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety. These new findings, accompanied by Oregon’s Ballot Measure 109, the state of Oregon decided to legalize the adult use of Psilocybin in a controlled environment and under supervision of professionals. 

In order to become a fully qualified supervisor, over 100 Oregonians had to complete a rigorous psilocybin training programme set up by InnerTrek and Oregon’s Health Authority and Department of Education. This programme consists of 120 hours of core training to learn the theory of psilocybin therapy, accompanied by 40 hours of supervised practice which is essentially hands-on learning. 

Upon finishing these 160 hours of training, every graduate was required to take two final examinations before becoming an official psilocybin therapy facilitator - one final exam supervised by InnerTrek, and the other an examination conducted by the Oregon Health Authority.

Once students passed both exams they were able to administer treatments with the use of psilocybin. 

Although this news is great, there are many people who seem to think that psilocybin treatments are all about tripping and getting lost in the psychedelic experience, however this is far from true. According to graduate Kathryn Kloos, the whole experience is about healing individuals suffering from PTSD, anxiety and depression (especially true for war veterans).

Furthermore, the general director of the InnerTrek programme, Tom Eckert, is incredibly certain that offering effective and alternative solutions like psilocybin is a great step forward towards the future of mental health treatment. It's a new, and tested, way for humans to reflect upon their feelings and remove the blocks that are affecting them negatively. 

Despite psilocybin treatment being a fairly new topic within the scientific and medical field, historical evidence shows that they have been used for centuries by cultures such as the Mayas and Aztecs for rituals as well as medicine. It is very intriguing that thousands of years ago psilocybin was such a huge part of certain civilizations, and that now it is reemerging as a potential solution to helping with mental health disorders. 

The next decade is going to bring us a lot more studies and research on the topic of psilocybin and we are extremely excited to see how this shapes over time! If you wish to learn more about this incredible initiative by InnerTrek and the state of Oregon, you can visit their official website

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