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Safe Tripping

The use of magic mushrooms can have a strong effect. They have the potential to bring the revelations of a lifetime yet also can be a memorably bad experience. Talk to anybody who has tried it and they will likely tell you the same. Some incredible, some average, and some bad experiences. With such a mixed bag of reactions, it might be difficult to know what to expect. Here we will make clear what you can do to ensure you have the best possible time while tripping.


First of all it is important that you know what you are taking. Mushrooms have many different kinds and come in different strengths. The Mondo’s Grow Kits are labelled accordingly, letting you know the strength and expected variety of effects from each strain. Even the same kind of strain does not affect each person in the same way. Some people are more prone to hallucinations, and some barely are. Be aware of how much you take and what it does to you.


Most mushrooms contain the active ingredient psilocin, in this way most mushrooms are similar. There are however also other active mushrooms, some strains of the Amanita being the most popular alternative. These mushrooms work in a drastically different way so please be aware of what you consume.


A few side effects can turn a pleasant trip into a bad one. This is why you should not consume magic mushrooms if you are pregnant, using medicine, or have any underlying mental health conditions. A more common negative effect is anxiety or paranoia, they are especially nasty when one feels they are in a bad trip. If you have strong feelings of this kind, or strong unresolved problems you have been ignoring, then be aware that magic mushrooms can bring these out in you. It often enhances and amplifies the mindset and emotional repertoire brought into the trip.


To prevent a bad trip from occurring, a few simple precautions can be taken. First of all, be aware of your own feelings. Do not take mushrooms to escape from them. If you are angry or depressed, mushrooms might not change this for you. Second, make sure you are in a place that you trust and where you feel at home. Your own or a friend’s home is an easy option if they are calm places. Public spaces, strangers, and traffic are notoriously some of the bigger causes of panic. Nature can be especially enjoyable. Third, be sure you are with trusted people. Quite some confusion can set in, so having people who can understand you is always helpful. If you are concerned over how you feel while tripping, having some reassurance can go a long way. Some people opt to have a tripsitter, meaning somebody who helps and cares for those tripping while not partaking themselves. Feeling comfortable with yourself, your surroundings, and those around you are three ways to ensure you get the most out of your trip.



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