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A guide to different Mushroom Strains

This article will serve as a guide to inform readers on the variety of Psilocybe Cubensis trains available at Mondo. The article will include a bit of background information such as potency, ease of growth, appearance, etc. The article focuses on the Psilocybe Cubensis strains as they are the most popular, readily accessible and easiest to grow.



These mushrooms are known as the Psilocybe Cubensis PES Amazonian (Pacific Exotica Spora Amazonian), and they were originally discovered and sold by a company called Pacific Spora. The exact location where they were discovered is unknown, but it is certain that they were most probably found somewhere in the Amazon Jungle (hence the name). These mushrooms are known to produce large and fleshy fruiting bodies, ranging from 15 – 30 cm. They are quite potent mushrooms and are known to generally give quite intense visuals.



The Mokum strain, also known as Psilocybe Cubensis B+, is one of the most versatile cubensis strains. It can adapt and grow in a very wide range of temperatures and substrate conditions, making it a consumer favourite. There have been reports of the fruiting happening in temperatures as low as 7 Celsius, and in temperatures as high as 37 Celsius. It’s versatility, ease of growth and mid potency range has made it one of the best-selling strains since the 90s.



Golden Teacher

This strain is one of the most well-known and robust mushroom strains in the world. It was first discovered in a pile of dung on a farm in the state of Georgia, USA. They are known for having a very thick caramel coloured stem, and for its incredibly large fruiting bodies. This strain does not form as many fruits as other strains, but their sheer size and potency compensates for this. These are considered one of the more potent strains so it is recommended for advanced consumers. 



Mc Kennaii

This strain is named after the infamous American ethnobotanist and author, Terence McKenna. However, there is no evidence that it was developed by McKenna himself, and it is likely that it was called this in honour of the legend himself. This strain is known for its incredibly strong highs, with a rollercoaster of visual effects and possible hallucinations. This strain is not recommended for beginners – strains such as Golden Teacher and Mokum are more suitable.



The Mazatapec mushroom was first collected by the Mazatec Shamans in the area of Huautla Jiménez in Mexico. This strain is endemic to that region of Mexico and has been cultivated and used for thousands of years by the indigenous population for shamanic rituals. The strain grows in beautiful and fruitful flushes; however, it requires more patience than other strains. It’s ideal temperature range for cultivation is between 23-30 degrees Celsius. This incredibly old strain is quite mild in terms of visuals and potency so it is very suitable for novices.




This Mexican strain is one of the easiest to grow and most popular mushrooms in the world. It is a 3rd generation strain derived from the same strain as the Mazatapec mushroom. This strain was also used by the indigenous Mazatec population to perform a variety of healing ceremonies. These mushrooms grow faster, and produce a higher yield, than the Mazatapec. The growing conditions are also somewhat more flexible, with ideal cultivation temperature ranging from 18-27 degrees Celsius. This strain is very suitable for beginner’s due to ease of growth and potency levels.   



Ban Hua Thai

This mushroom is endemic to Thailand and is a common part of Thai culture, especially in smoothies and milkshakes. It was discovered in the 1990s & brought back to western civilisation by John Allen, who is quite the renowned explorer & ethno-mycologist. They are known for producing tall and thin stems, with beautiful small brown mushroom caps. According to reports, the original strain was known to have very wild growth, producing unpredictable flush results. However, the current Ban Hua Thai is a third-generation strain, which has been developed to deliver very stable flushes. This particular Thai strain has a medium to strong potency and is suitable for novice cultivators/growers.



This species is known to grow around the Angor Wat Temple in Cambodia, which is the largest religious structure by land mass. This species, like the Ban Hua Thai, was discovered by John W. Allen. This strain is super easy to grow, due to its robust characteristics and its fast colonisation and fruiting rate. This strain has a medium potency and is therefore very suitable for novices.


Red Boy

The Red Boy Mushroom strain was first believed to be a completely new strain, but after some thorough inspection, it was established that it originated from the PF strain. The PF strain is a popular 90s strain known as the Psilocybe Fanaticus, which was thought to be extinct. The unique trait of these mushrooms are its red-spores, large stems and fleshy round caps. The ideal temperature for colonisation and cultivation is 28-30 degrees Celsius making it a bit harder to grow, so patience is needed. They are very strong visually and harder to grow, so it is more suitable for non-beginners.



Treasure Coast

This strain is named after Florida’s treasure coast, a beautiful region on the East Coast of the USA. This mushroom strain was allegedly discovered in that region, growing in bovine and equine dung. However, like most stories, it should be taken with a pinch of salt. These shrooms are very easy to cultivate, but require some patience. It can take up to 3 weeks to colonise, but you are guaranteed a high yielding result. Being from Florida, this strain needs warmer temperatures to fruit, 23-30 degrees Celsius. They are very suitable for beginner’s due to its low ranking for visual effects, as well as overall potency.



This strain is one that was also originally distributed by the spore retailer Pacifica Spora, just like the Amazonian species. Although it is called Hawaii, the species is not native to the Hawaiian Islands. These mushrooms share very similar appearances to the Golden Teacher strain, but are less potent. The Hawaii strain has caramel coloured mushroom caps with distinct red discolorations in the centre. Its colonisation time is very fast, often giving off fruits within 13 days. This strain is of medium potency and easy to cultivate, making it quite popular amongst advanced beginners and competent consumers.

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