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How can microdosing boost creativity?

A recent scientific study investigated the effects of microdosing psychedelics on creativity and yielded some genuinely interesting discoveries we have to discuss. The study looked into various mental health and wellbeing factors of those who microdose vs non-microdosers, revealing that microdosers demonstrated elevated scores on measures of wisdom and creativity

Tiny doses = No hallucinations

The practice of microdosing consists of taking incredibly low doses of psychedelics. In the case of magic mushrooms, all that is needed is 0.1 - 0.3 grams of dried mushrooms in order for it to have an effect on you. This process will not direct you into a whirlwind of hallucinations, but rather subtle changes in perception and behaviour. In other words, you could microdose and still go on with your day-to-day activities such as working. 

In recent years, microdosing to improve oneself and personal mental health has gained a lot of popularity. Regardless of the limited published scientific research on its positive effects, there are several articles discussing young professionals microdosing in work environments in order to improve creativity - namely in Silicon Valley

Do they really have higher wisdom and creativity?

There is no actual experimental studies that back it up fully, but PhD students Thomas Anderson and Rotem Petranker, have carried out their own experiment where they recruited participants online, mainly from Reddit’s microdosing community. Data was gathered on microdosing patterns by asking participants to fill out questionnaires, which were then openly shared for Open Science.  

The results showed that microdosers scored higher on measures of “wisdom”, which in the context of the study means that they had the ability to consider multiple perspectives, learn from mistakes, tune in with emotions and feel a sense of connection.

Furthermore, microdosers were discovered to be more creative and open minded than their counterparts, demonstrating a higher capacity for divergent thinking. In this particular study, creativity was measured through a task in which participants were asked to come up with unconventional uses for ordinary household items.

Although the study shows promising results, it's important to take into account that nobody knows whether it's the microdosing that caused these differences or if it's another factor. We can be certain that here is certainly room for more studies and research to look into this topic. 

Is there a new future ahead for psychedelics?

There is certainly an exciting future ahead for the use of psychedelics for medical treatment and clinical trials, but we are still not near mass adoption of this idea or concept. Although there are many positive accounts of microdosing, there are still studies where people report downsides to it, namely increased anxiety or aches.

One of the large issues regarding psychedelics is that they are considered illegal in the majority of the world with the exceptions of some states or countries. It is always good to double-check what the laws are surrounding psychoactive substances where you reside before indulging.

Overall, it's clear that this field is in need of more controlled lab experiments, mainly randomized placebo trials, in order to ensure test safety, reliability and efficacy. Hopefully the study of microdosing continues to evolve and be used for research in the subject of clinical science. 


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