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How psychedelic mushrooms saved the life of a pro athlete?

Surfing is a sport that takes individuals to the frontiers of nature, where they harness the power of shifting waves. For pro surfer Koa Smith, these frontiers became a means of transcendence and healing when he turned to psychedelic mushrooms to overcome depression and trauma caused by a severe head injury.


Koa Smith, a renowned surfer from Kaui, has ridden some of the most awe-inspiring waves across the globe, from the North Shore of Oahu to Namibia and beyond. However, it was during a surfing trip in Indonesia in 2018 that he encountered a life-altering experience.

While attempting to ride a powerful wave in Nias, Smith lost control and suffered a catastrophic head wound. In that moment, he experienced a surreal detachment from his body, as if he were leaving it behind. Surprisingly, instead of fear, he felt a sense of comfort, love, and euphoria. This profound experience marked the beginning of his healing journey.

After enduring a severe concussion, Smith struggled with depression and a deep sense of numbness. Traditional medical treatments and therapy failed to provide the relief he sought. Determined to find a solution, he turned to the healing potential of psilocybin mushrooms

Psychedelic Journey 

In a serene jungle setting on Kauai, Smith embarked on a transformative journey with the psychedelic mushrooms. Guided by his brothers, he practiced breathing techniques and immersed himself in nature. During this experience, he heard a voice that reminded him of his true self, his purpose, and the healing path he needed to follow.

This encounter led to a profound reconnection with himself and his body, breaking the cycle of depression and numbness. Two weeks later, Smith returned to the water, rediscovering his passion for surfing and embracing a newfound sense of purpose and self-love.

Smith's story resonates with the growing body of research on psychedelic therapy. Scientists are exploring the potential of psychedelic substances, such as psilocybin, to treat mental health issues, PTSD, and substance abuse disorders. These substances have the ability to reduce the activity of the brain's default mode network, which is associated with identity formation and self-perception. By quieting this network, individuals can experience a shift in perspective, opening the door to new possibilities and healing pathways.

The integration of psychedelic experiences with traditional therapy can lead to profound changes in mental health and well-being. The resetting of historical patterns in the brain allows individuals to hold conflicting truths, fostering personal growth and healing. Moreover, psychedelics facilitate a deep reconnection with the body, making them particularly relevant for athletes like Smith, who rely on a strong mind-body connection.

Despite the promising research and growing acceptance of psychedelics, there remains significant stigma surrounding their use. Decades of cultural and legal barriers have hindered scientific exploration and understanding. Overcoming this stigma is crucial for integrating psychedelics into modern medicine and providing safe and effective treatments.

Smith and researchers alike emphasize the importance of treating psychedelics with respect and caution. They are powerful tools that require guidance, preparation, and integration to ensure a positive and transformative experience. While psychedelics hold immense potential, they are not a panacea, and individuals should approach them with care and informed guidance.

Key Takeaways

Koa Smith's journey serves as an inspiration for those grappling with mental health challenges. By sharing his story, he aims to destigmatize the use of psychedelics and encourage others to seek alternative paths to healing. As the field of psychedelic research continues to flourish, it holds promise for a future where individuals can find solace and transformation through natural remedies like psychedelic mushrooms.

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