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How to Choose a Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

Whether it's your first grow or you have some experience, here we will explain how to choose the right grow kit. With ten different options that all have their own unique qualities it might be hard to choose. These mushrooms are widely varied by ease of grow, yield, and the effects of the final product.


All our products at Mondo Grow Kits are organic and locally produced in Amsterdam. They are of supreme quality, being sure to deliver a product full of the exact strain you are looking for. Furthermore they are all ready to use out of the box, you only need to add tap water.


Some mushrooms are easier to grow than others. Getting the right temperature, consistent results, and the amount of time spent are all important and can differ from mushroom to mushroom.


The easiest grow kit to use is the Mokum. This strain is more popularly known as B+. This mushroom is not picky about its surroundings, can produce multiple flushes and has even been reported to grow outdoors in the winter! While it is best to grow between 24℃ and 32℃, this means it can even grow at a temperature as low as 7℃. Another resilient strain is the Cambodian mushroom which has the benefit of being one of the fastest growing. Last of all, the famous Mexicana mushroom, which also grows fast and can bear temperatures from 18℃ all the way up to 27℃.


The diverse range offered by Mondo Grow Kit are also likely to yield different sizes and amounts of mushrooms. If you are a patient grower who wants a large quantity, Treasure Coast might be the strain for you. Golden Teacher might not produce the most mushrooms however it makes up for this in the size of its fruit. These big heavy funghi weigh a lot even when dried. We also recommend the Cambodian here as it is one of the fastest growing strains, this leaves you with less time between flushes.


Besides ease of grow and yield, it is important to consider how strong the mushrooms are. If it is your first time we would highly recommend getting a weaker strain. The already mentioned Treasure Coast is a good option. While it takes a few days longer than most to colonize, these Floridians are easy to grow (growing ideally between 23℃ and 30℃) and provide a lighter effect than our other products. In 1991 ethnomycologist John W. Allen brought the Ban Hua Thanon to the West. Growing this original strain proved wild and unpredictable. Its grandchild, the Ban Hua Thai, has been perfected to grow in a constant and predictable way. While it likes warm temperatures between 28℃ and 30℃, it produces wonderful mushrooms that are not too strong. Being a little more potent than the Treasure Coast, it is also more likely to induce a visually oriented and creative time.


If it’s visuals and creativity you’re after, our best recommendation is the Red Boy. With its alluringly red spores growing at the same temperature as our Ban Hua Thai, it is even more likely to change your visual and mental perspective. For a more inwardly directed time, the Mazatapec is a good choice to stimulate your thinking. It can take a little longer to grow but this strain which has been used for thousands of years grows at a comfortable temperature between 23℃ and 30℃. Its effects are moderate, not too potent and not too weak. A last option is named after Terence Kemp McKenna, the McKenaii. It is by far our strongest mushroom. While not recommended for beginners, this one is sure to leave a lasting impression.


You are now ready to grow your very own magic mushrooms! At Mondo Grow Kits our aim is to offer you an unforgettable growing experience in as clear of a way as we can. Our passionate team and in-house doctor are ready to help you with any of your growing needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@mondogrowkits.com

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