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About Mondo

At Mondo Grow Kits we believe in local production, premium quality and in making psychedelic mushrooms safely & easily accessible for every adult. 


Made in Amsterdam with passion and ❤️

Amsterdam has long been a melting pot for open minded creatives. In paying homage to the brilliant Amsterdammers that paved the way, we decided to base our production near the heart of the city, to reflect the rich history of knowledge, innovation and inventiveness.

Quality kits, happy customers

To provide you with highest quality Grow Kits, our knowledgeable team of professionals prioritize quality, safety, and customer satisfaction above all.

We oversee a production facility that embraces chemical free processes, organic ingredients and preservation of natural strain varieties.

Over the years, our trusted production partners have become Grow Kit experts, offering richer nutrients and better tasting kits.

Always here to help

Our simple instructions are easy to follow and have helped many on the journey of experiencing magic mushrooms at home. If any questions or issues arise, our dedicated customer care team are ready to offer their help immediately.


If you have more questions or want to know more about us, please get in contact with us via info@mondogrowkits.com

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